Everlasting Love

September 14, 2010


Through time and space

As hate picks up its pace

I crave instead the thought

Of everlasting love

Demonstrating an appetite for

caring, sharing and understanding;

everlasting love has just

the right feel

For how can you desire

Goodwill towards me

If in your heart you

Refuse to let me be

To enjoy a beautiful sunrise

Full of hope for a brighter day;

The sun guiding my way

Never faltering just to save face

Keeping me desirous

to stay in this race

Each dazzling day inevitably bringing

About a truly beautiful close

as daylight fades into night

And lifeā€™s cycle moves you

deeper into time with each

Experience indelibly leaving

Something behind

Yet your love remains strong

Not based on judgments, recrimination,

Nor hate; love and understanding

is a better fate

When will we all acquire

this beautiful trait and

experience this life without the

Violence and hate

Seek yea all the desire

To care and live your life

With love and flare


Serenity and Clarity

August 16, 2010


"God grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

and Wisdom to know the difference

People are deceitful because

truth does not matter;

when they start believing

the lies they tell themselves,

they believe everybody is as gullible

but they fail to recognize that

just like the clear windows they

look out onto the world from,

perceptive people are able

to see through them.

Some people believe that

if they do not...

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July 13, 2010

This poem was written shortly after Haiti crumbled. Six months later and these words are even more meaningful because six months later not much has changed.

Haiti crumbled under the big rumble

The earth shook and buildings tumbled

Thousands dead, people sad,

money flowed, giving hope

to those left standing

Yet in the midst of catastrophe,

Some people found it easy to corrupt

What others genuinely

Demonstrated as compassion

Misappropriating funds

Making illegal runs to capture


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July 1, 2010

My mind is distracted

From all the


That seems to

bound me;

Rude people

Constantly showing

Their lack of

Connection to

Reality is beginning

To take a toll on me

As I sit here attempting

To stay positive, I closed

My eyes and visions of

Summertime danced

Through my head


Fluffy white clouds

Floating across the sky

Trees fully graced

With new growth

Joggers out for their

Morning run

Trying to avoid

The heat of the

Afternoon sun

Not to be s...

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Running Shoes

June 26, 2010

My daughter has an interesting way of looking at the world. Sometimes from a dark perspective her words are often cloaked in hidden meanings which make you search for truth - but once you see clearly, truth is there.

When I first read this poem, I did not have a clue but once it was broken down to me, I knew her words were true. Bits and pieces of the whole eventually takes a toll.

In today's society, bits and pieces are all that matter because the real objective is simply "booty calls" - w...

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A New Beginning

June 25, 2010


People out walking

Aimlessly about

Having very little clout

In the things taking

A toll on their lives

Just hoping

their unemployment

Timely arrives

Unemployment, sky high

Makes you wonder why

In this time of need

Those put in a position

To lead, choose instead

To impede a new direction

Still sending kids off to war

Not even sure what for

Waiting for bad news

To knock on your door

Through it all

And in the end


When one journey

Ends, another



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June 22, 2010


If truth be told

Control is a bold

Endeavor to undertake

Some people take

Control as their

Mission in life

Attempting to control

Their husband or their wife

Or anybody else they come

In contact with

Ripe with rules,

That only causes strife

They seek to control

Your every thought

If only they could do that

Gain power over

Your soul just to keep

You present

In the midst of their

Private little world

While some people,

Thinking they are God

Attempt to restrict

The m...

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Tea Party Madness

June 21, 2010

When the Tea Party Movement was picking up momentum last year, I wrote this poem. I was ashamed of how this group reacted and a little angry with the attitudes I saw them display. Though I have not seen them in the news acting out lately, I'm sure the attitude has not changed.

Any group showing as much animosity towards the President of the United States of America should be considered on some levels traitorous. Freedom of speech is one thing, veiled as well as, blatant threats of violence ...

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The Gift of Non-Invisibility

June 20, 2010

the gift of non-invisibility
By Dawn

I have a friend who

Constantly finds herself

in a position to nurse

the wounds inflicted

by time upon the living soul.

she does not do this

without frailty

and wonders why

the sky cries continually

into her fractured cup.

it is her gift, I say.

as for mine, what good is

the soul of un-read verse?

how does a heart that bleeds

invisible ink bring about healing?

time is my gift, each dawn

a pretty wrapping,

I say, as i scribble my...

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Addictions In The Dark

June 17, 2010

I love this poem written and published by my daughter. It brings such a sadness to my soul as though I have lived this life. For me she captures the depth of grief and sorrow of this life - a sorrow that touches many in different ways but sorrow nonetheless. I cry a tear for that sorrowful life but know that I, like you, must keep moving forward.

Addictions In The Dark
By Dawn

hang on to this:

in the time it takes

to confess your darkness,

you have already been

exposed to the light.


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