Streets Of San Francisco

September 2, 2010

Recently the winner of the "Life Achievement Award" - I have always been a fan of Michael Douglas.  Since his role in Streets of San Francisco, with his suave, bowlegged walk, intense demeanor, he has always been one fine white boy to me and age added to his persona.

The news of his illness saddened me but I will keep him in my mind as he battles the big "C" and I hope it is a battle he will win. With humor and class he disclosed his illness on the David Letterman show demonstrating the toughness I have witnessed during his acting career.

I remember a time when I was growing up, my mother was a big fan of Kirk Douglas, Michael’s father, which meant that any and everything he had a role in we had to watch. Both father and son, I’m sure, caught the attention of many women.

A fantastic career, three children and an exceptionally beautiful wife, he has had a good life – I, like him hope it is not over yet. With much love I say, stay strong Michael and fight the fight.  My prayers are with you!!!

And that's the way I see it!!!


Will Whites Ever "Get It"

August 24, 2010

Photo courtesy of Google Pictures

Dealing with people on a daily basis, up close and personal is more mental stimuli than I need and it truly inhibits my creativity. I have so many thoughts, feelings, comments running through my mind it is hard to focus and put them down on paper. Sometimes the negativity keeps me without energy, sometimes their duplicity leaves me shaking my head in dismay so frequently that my head aches from the motion.

I was reading an article at work the other day ab...

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Will The Words In The Constitution Prevail

August 16, 2010

It’s amazing to me that like the Bible, the Constitution is being used to support some things like free speech, the level of government intervention, the right to bear arms but when it comes to religious freedoms and where a Muslim can build a Mosque, the words in the Constitution appear to be irrelevant.

Although there is a level of insensitivity and arrogance associated with the building of the mosque so close to “ground zero” that has to be emotionally dealt with I say that ...
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War, Lies And Delusions

July 27, 2010

Picture courtesy of AFP by way of Yahoo News

Wikileaks’ release of documents containing pertinent information on the war in Afghanistan and the possible connection between Pakistan and the Taliban have me shaking my head to clear the, I told you so out. It also has the potential to make people realize the futility of this battle which government officials and military heads keep trying to convince us is a winnable battle.

After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill on...

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Understanding Begins With Honesty

July 25, 2010

Picture courtesy of

Not being into politics, not wanting to run for public office and having lived my life as a black American, I can be as truthful about race as I want to be and I say that in order to have a relevant conversation about race you have to be willing to face some truths and being politically correct hampers the effect of truth when it comes to race relations.

As I watched the conversations generated by what happened to Shirley Sherrod over the last week I ha...

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Devious And Malicious

July 21, 2010

This is a prime example of white racist attempting to flip the script, like they always do and make it appear that it is blacks who are the true racist.

Based on lies and manipulations of a speech made by Shirley Sherrod, they gave the impression that her remarks were indeed racist when in fact her speech was of growth and understanding, something racist whites will never be guilty of.

The main people guilty of race baiting, racist attitudes, racial hate and straight stupidity are white Am...

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I Was Offended

July 19, 2010
A sign of racial immaturity - When does it stop?  When will America grow up, particularly white Americas who logically speaking have no cause to be racist other than their narcissitic belief that they are somehow better. 

Until they grow up race relations will remain as they are and the Mark Williams' of this country will continue to get their five minutes of stardom as they attempt to flip the script and place racism on blacks which I have found is the game most racist play.

Black people on t...

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Will Racism Ever Die

July 16, 2010

One thing that still amazes me is the attitudes of some white people. Now I am not racist, I do not hate, it involves too much negative energy but I am a perceptive observer of things in the world and especially the attitudes of white Americans.

I have watched the Tea Party Movement develop and witnessed the signs they carried, the attitudes they displayed but more importantly, the words they have used to express their desires to "take back their government" now that a black man is preside...

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Rational Thought - I Don't Think So

July 14, 2010

Picture courtesy of Sacbee

As Americans discuss the corruption in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti and other governments, I stand witness to the bully mentality of our local government here in California where state workers are being threatened with minimum wage salaries as a means to force them into contract agreements that are not completely in their best interest.

Never mind the fact that having just come back from mandatory furloughs where they lost 15% of their salaries for a period of 18 ...

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Haiti Six Months Later

July 13, 2010

Picture courtesy of NBC News

Yesterday marked the 6-month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Six months later and people are still living in tents; six months later and rubble still inhibits movement, six months later and international funds are still nothing more than pledges.

As hurricane season threatens to add insult to injury no move has yet been made to assimilate those people living in tents into a sturdier home base. They say it is because of the ‘corruption’ that is taking...

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